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about us

"UBAQ, born from the merger of the two Health Tech companies Qairn and Clardian, supports healthcare industry professionals in meeting regulatory requirements. By combining agility, technological innovation, and regulatory expertise, UBAQ has become a European leader in the digitalization of regulatory procedures, offering a suite of agile SaaS software solutions that facilitate the digital transformation of healthcare industry professionals."

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our mission

"UBAQ is aware of the efforts made by the healthcare industry to meet regulatory requirements and preserve their relationship of trust with citizens".

We support our customers proactively by transposing new legal and regulatory requirements into our intuitive and efficient solutions very quickly.

This is possible thanks to the Scrum method. The iterative and incremental approach of Scrum optimizes the predictability of UBAQ customers' needs and the control of the risk associated with any IT changes. The use of such a method and its adaptive solutions for complex problems allows Clardian teams to generate value throughout a project.

UBAQ offers pharmaceutical laboratories and healthcare companies a suite of SaaS software based on three pillars:

- Compliance (100% of data backed up);

- Efficiency (50% time saved);

- Simplicity, with intuitive, automated, and secure platforms that do bot aim to disrupt old habits but only to make them compliant and more enjoyable.

our vision

The success of the digital transformation of healthcare companies relies on the dematerialization of regulatory processes

Our values

Honesty & Transparency

Pragmatism & Operational Excellence

Initiative & Creativity

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A big thank you to the various media outlets that have taken the time to talk about UBAQ. If you're interested in discussing topics related to digital transition in the field of healthcare, we would be delighted to have a conversation with you, so please feel free to contact us.

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