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Here is aset of frequently asked questions. If you have others, feel free to contact us.

Who performs the implementation?

The implementation is carried out internally by the UBAQ teams, thereby facilitating task management.

What customer support measures are applied?

Starting from the validation of the commercial proposal, a dedicated teams will guide you through each stage of deployment. Furthermore, our quality team has established a specific process to expedite software validation timelines and provides all necessary documentation. Contact us to learn more about the implementation process.

Who should be involved in the implementation process?

The project manager is the expert of internal process, he participates actively throughoutthe deployment period. On an as-needed basis, a quality representative and an IT representative may also be involved.

How many individuals from my company can work on each software simultaneously?

The number of users who can work simultaneously is not limited. In fact, each user has their own personal space, allowing them to log in without worrying about other users.

Where are the data hosted?

The data from our software is hosted by Scaleway Datacenter, a subsidiary of the Iliad group, on HDS-certified servers in France and the Netherlands. Scaleway Datacenter provides facilities designed to continuously enhance the reliability and security of servers within a highly efficient environment.

Are datasecurity and integrity ensured?

Absolutely! Scaleway Datacenter provides top-notch secure data centers and implements security protocols to rigorously combat all potential threats, ensuring minimal risk to safeguard infrastructure and physical assets.

How does the kick-off process work?

A kick-off meeting is a starting point that marks the initiation of a project. It brings together all project stakeholders (team members, clients, partners, etc.) to clarify objectives, expectations, roles, and responsibilities, discuss timelines and budgets, establish an action plan, and ensure everyone is on thes ame page to effectively carry out the project. In summary, it's a crucial meeting to successfully launch a project.

Can we add new users evolve during the contract period?

Certainly! The software administrator will have the ability to add all potential users. If necessary, they can also contact us and we will take care of it.

Do your teams have a good understanding of the plateforms?

Our teams is composed of highly skilled professionals who are trained to cater to our clients' needs. We consistently enhance our solutions based on our clients' requirements to provide exceptional services. Moreover, our teams are continually updated on the latest technologies and best practices to offer cutting-edge solutions.

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