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Nayact Transparency by UBAQ: Your Ultimate Companion for Meeting Transparency Requirements

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DMOS, Conflicts of Interest, Transparency... Evolving regulations are shaping industry norms and their engagements with healthcare professionals. Full compliance is of utmost importance.

With NAYACT Transparency by UBAQ:

Ensure the Precision and Compliance of Your Records.

Obtain Permissions and Report Your Events Effortlessly with Just a Few Clicks.

Streamline and Centralize Event Publication by Directly Connecting to Transparency Platforms.

"The tool enables me to save a significant amount of time..”
Isabelle L.

Craft Your Events Anytime, Anywhere – Whether on an iPad or PC, En Route or at Your Desk. Experience an Intuitive Solution Designed to Speak Your Language.

With NAYACT Transparency by UBAQ :

Embark on Your Events with Certainty whether if it is a Meeting, a Conference, or an Invitation to Spontaneous Lunches...

Create the advantage, choose your guests: Seamlessly Integrate Up-to-Date Data from Your Preferred CRM Automatically.

Notify and Keep Your HCP Guest or Colleagues Informed About the File's Progress.

”It’s very intuitive”
Christèle B.

Access Comprehensive Information on Hospitality Expenses and Events, All in One Convenient Location.

With NAYACT Transparency by UBAQ :

Explore a User-Friendly and Intuitive Tool Designed for Comfort and Ease of Use!

Leave No Doubt About Your Physician Status with Direct Connections to the National Medical Council and Health Directory.

Notify and Keep Your Headquarters or Field Colleagues Informed About Case Progression.

"It's very easy to get the hang of, I always used to dread regulatory tasks before discovering Ubaq.”
Françoise S.

Ensure the Adoption of a Valid and Compliant Tool, Aligned with Good Manufacturing Practices and GxP Standards.

With NAYACT Transparency by UBAQ :

Embrace a GMP and GxP Compliant Tool for Your Operations.

Track Medical Visit Activities and Mitigate Non-Compliance Risks Effectively.

Engage in Direct Communication with Dedicated Quality Support Throughout Qualification and Validation Phases.

"The documentation is both clear and comprehensive. UBAQ prioritizes early involvement of Quality in the process, a practice that is highly valued!”
Eliane V.

Ensure the Tool's Robustness, Reliability, and Security with Utmost Confidence.

With NAYACT Transparency by UBAQ :

Locate All Your Data Safeguarded in Europe on HDS Servers.

Explore a Comprehensive Content Library Covering the Technical Qualification of the Tool.

Guarantee Your Teams a Secure Tool with the Support of Our Partner, Stoïk.

”A secure HDS server, hosted in Europe”
Martin L.

A Clear Overview of All Your Projects at a Glance

User-Friendly Dashboard Interface

Monitor and Trace Event Progress

Gather All Event-Related Information in One Central Hub

Logiciel conformité

Streamline Analysis, Control, Communication, and File Submission with a Unified Tool

Organize your events

Access to Comprehensive Information and Involved Individuals

Declare or request athourization in real-time

Connect to Governmental Transparency Platforms

conformité réglementaire

Track and Ensure Compliance for All Your Events

A Comprehensive Solution that Supports You Throughout the Entire Event Lifecycle

An Accessible Solution Across All Your Digital Platforms

Instantly Access a Compliant Audit Trail with a Single Click

eIDAS-Compliant Electronic Signature Aligned with GMP (Annex 11)

Logiciel efficacité

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