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Logiciel Qairn
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Des outils d'annotations, de commentaires et de validation ergonomiques et intuitifs

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Des fonctionnalités pensées pour l'industrie de la santé selon les BPF de l'annexe 11

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Des workflow de validations personnalisés et automatisés

As a Regulatory Affairs Manager, Swift Approval of Promotional Campaigns Must Align with Stringent Adherence to Current Regulations.

With UBAQ DocPromo :

Receive Comprehensive Files, Encompassing Metadata to References, and Be Confident in Releasing Compliant Content.

Achieve Electronic Content Signatures through Our Certified eIDAS Partner, Yousign.

Retrieve Audit Trails with a Single Click Download.

“The tool boasts an intuitive and engaging design, making it effortlessly accessible. Personally, I find the annotation feature particularly noteworthy it replicates the ease of using pen and paper.”
Carole H.

Launch your campaign smoothly and on time!

Whether you're a Project Manager, Product Manager, or an Initiator, Meeting Your Campaign Objectives is Paramount.

Thanks toUBAQ DocPromo :

Expedite the Validation Process for Your Promotional Documents.

Streamline Your Communication with Validation Teams for Simplified Collaboration.

Get accustomed to a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool!

"It's both engaging and ergonomic, enabling effortless tracking of document validation stages.”
Emma J.

As a quality officer or manager, Ensuring Your Team Adopts a Validated Tool Aligned with Good Manufacturing Practices is Essential.

With UBAQ DocPromo :

Embrace a GMP and GxP Compliant Tool for Your Operations.

Thoroughly Test and Validate an Intuitive and User-Friendly Tool.

Engage in Direct Communication with Dedicated Quality Support Throughout the Qualification and Validation Phases.

"The documentation is both lucid and extensive. UBAQ engages Quality at an early stage in the process, a practice that is truly commendable!”
Nathalie A.

As an IT or cybersecurity manager, Ensuring Your Team Adopts a Trustworthy and Resilient Tool is Paramount.

With UBAQ DocPromo :

Locate All Your Data Safeguarded in Europe on HDS Servers.

Explore a Comprehensive Content Library Covering the Technical Qualification of the Tool.

Guarantee Your Teams a Secure Tool with the Support of Our Partner, Stoïk.

”An HDS Server, Robust Security Measures, and Microservices: the Optimal Pathway for a Streamlined SaaS Solution.”
Yannick P.

Gain a Comprehensive Overview of Your Projects with a Single Glance!

User-Friendly Dashboard Interface

Seamless Access to Autoritie's Portals

Effortless Self-Management of User Profiles, Metadata, and Checklists

Logiciel conformité

Highlight, Strike-through, Encircle, and Annotate Contents

Real-time annotations

Workflows automation

Customized checklists

conformité réglementaire

Easily Sign and Approve Your Documents

eIDAS-Compliant Electronic Signature Aligned with GMP (Annex 11)

Comprehensive Repository of Validated Content and Downloadable Positive List

Instant Access to Compliant Audit Trail with a Single Click.

Logiciel efficacité

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