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Easily Manage, Optimize, and Standardize the Medical and Scientific Communication for All Your Products.

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Maintain a Comprehensive Record of All Given Responses and Deliver Fulfilling Obligation-Compliant Replies.
UBAQ Medinfo, a modular platform, effectively organizes and oversees the scientific and medical communication for pharmaceutical products (including pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and medical devices) across your organization. This encompasses communication with healthcare professionals, patients, and internal teams.

Efficiently manage medical information requests for all your products, ensuring adherence toestablished processes and bibliographic data.
Manage the Essential Information to Facilitate Reconciliation of these Requests with Pharmacovigilance and Pharmaceutical Product Complaints.

Leveraging Approved References such as FAQs and Bibliographic Sources, Ensure Accurate and Timely Responses to Requesters.

Step 1

Gather information about the request

Step 2

Thorough Analysis and Qualification

Step 3

Craft the Answer

Step 4

Validate with peers

Step 5

Send the response

Step 6

Archive the request

Centralize and Address All Scientific and Medical Information Requests

Powerful FAQ version management

To find the version with which an answer was formulated

The guarantee of always resorting to the latest version of FAQ

Logiciel conformité

Benefit from a shared platform partitioned by subsidiary

With UBAQ Medinfo, each subsidiary independently manages its information requests on a common platform, enabling interactions with the parent company

With a UBAQ MedInfo, each subsidiary has its own repository, its environment, to enable the corporate to have a global view of the activity and to promote access to and enrichment of information

conformité réglementaire

A software meeting the requirements of pharmaceutical validation

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Centralize requests for medical and scientific information
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Managing the steps of the writing process for a response
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Link with regulatory processes
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Bibliographic Reference

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