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UBAQ's emergence

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Qairn and Clardian join forces to create UBAQ, a European leader in Health Tech

May 23, 2023

"The healthtech specialists Qairn and Clardian, experts in compliance within the healthcare sector, have joined forces to become UBAQ: the first solution for digitizing regulatory processes in the healthcare industry. UBAQ aims to continue supporting the digital transformation of pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers by offering a suite of SaaS software designed to simplify the application of the particularly strict and ever-evolving regulatory framework. With this merger that combines Qairn's agility and technological know-how with Clardian's 15 years of regulatory expertise, UBAQ aspires to become a European leader in its field."


UBAQ's mission: to support the digital transformation of healthcare stakeholders by digitizing regulatory processes.


UBAQ assists industry players (pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, etc.) in their interactions with healthcare professionals through its initial solutions, UBAQ DocPromo1 and NAYACT Transparency by UBAQ2, by providing them with:

·      Compliance: ensuring compliance with all regulatory constraints.

·      Efficiency: saving time with a solution easily integrable into any type of environment, allowing everyone to focus on tasks with higher added value.

·      Simplicity: thanks to an intuitive, automated, and secure platform.


UBAQ: The fusion of two complementary companies serving a common ambition


The merger of Clardian and Qairn arises from the desire to combine the strengths of two complementary entities to create a major European player in the divinisation of regulatory processes in the healthcare industry. Extens, the investment fund specializing in healthcare software and data, supports Clardian in this collaboration.


Clardian, an Extens portfolio company since 2021, is a historical player in the market of software dedicated to compliance and optimization of regulatory processes in the healthcare industry. With over 15 years of experience, it boasts recognized expertise and a portfolio of loyal clients in France and internationally.


More focused on SMEs and mid-sized healthcare companies, Qairn, established in 2021,has developed cutting-edge technology based on efficient, ergonomic, and easily adaptable tools, allowing it to quickly establish a position in the sector.


"In a context of regulatory inflation and as many players are just beginning their digital transformation, we want to continue developing our suite of software and establish ourselves as the preferred partner for SMEs, mid-sized companies, and major pharmaceutical laboratories by assisting them with all their regulatory compliance challenges," explains Paul-Antoine Trémolet, CEO of UBAQ.


"The healthcare field is still insufficiently digitized. The solutions developed byUBAQ not only offer time and efficiency gains but also provide a foundation of reassurance for sector actors by ensuring transparency and regulatory compliance in an industry facing increasingly rigorous oversight," adds François Cancelloni, COO of UBAQ.


"UBAQ synthesizes the best of both worlds: the credibility, regulatory expertise, and international presence of a historical sector player combined with the agility, dynamism, and technological performance of a startup. These strengths should enable UBAQ to establish itself as a major European player in Health Tech, leveraging innovation in service of healthcare actors," highlights Morgane Decultieux, Associate at Extens and UBAQ board member.


Currently, UBAQ has around fifty employees and serves nearly 100 clients in 20 countries, primarily in Europe and Latin America, including companies like GSK, Boiron, Thea Pharma, Menarini, and Biocodex.


1.     UBAQ DocPromo is the content validation solution developed by UBAQ to meet the needs and requirements of all business functions, from marketing to regulatory affairs, IT, and compliance.


2.     NAYACT Transparency by UBAQ is the solution developed by UBAQ to enable its clients to easily comply with the requirements of the Law on the Supervision of Benefits (LEA) and transparency constraints.


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